ReHydrate offers customized IV fluid therapies for health and wellness support, performance recovery and dehydration. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fluids are rapidly absorbed into your body and provide relief for illness and ailments.

IV Therapies – $90
(Fluids only – $45)

Add oxygen during infusion therapy for .50 per minute

IV ReHydration Therapies

ReHydrate offers multiple intravenous (IV) rehydration therapies and injections to help you reset and get back to feeling better. Our therapies include:


  • This comprehensive nutrition therapy offers the ultimate re-boot to your system. Our Myer's includes a burst of vitamins and minerals to remedy severe dehydration and support your overall health, including magnesium, which has been proven to relax tense, aching muscles, and is known for calming anxiety.


  • Accelerate muscle recovery, treat acute muscle spasms and rapidly replace electrolytes with amino acids, vitamin B complex and vitamin B-12. After a hard workout or race, the faster an athlete can recover and rehydrate, the better. Add our RECOVER therapy to your regimen!


  • Relieve aches and fatigue associated with chronic pain syndromes, migraines and gastroenteritis. Alleviate severe headaches and nausea with vitamin B complex, Zofran and Toradol. This is the ultimate hangover buster!


  • Combat chronic fatigue, relieve tension and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety with a blend of amino acids, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. This therapy twice a month will keep you revitalized and refreshed!


  • Recoup faster by treating cold and flu symptoms, sinusitis and other viral and bacterial illnesses at the onset. Restoring your fluid levels with a burst of vitamin B-12, zinc and vitamin C will boost your immune system and improve illness recovery.


  • Revive dull and fatigued skin, treat symptoms of eczema and psoriasis and promote a youthful glow with a boost of glutathione (antioxidant), zinc and vitamin C.


  • Stimulate your metabolism, promote the breakdown of fat cells, improve weight control and give your energy level a boost with amino acids, calcium chloride and vitamin B-12. This therapy is the ultimate addition to your diet and exercise regimen.

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